Email Marketing Agency for Cafes, Bars & Restaurants

Each month eShots are sent
to your evergrowing list of email subscribers.

Understanding & correctly utilising email marketing
will transform the way your business grows.


"The email marketing element that Paul added excites me most. In truth it is something I might not have got to with regards growing my business. A whole new revenue stream added to our Business."

Tony Costello, The Meatball Place


Each month email marketing systems are built, added & improved to continuously generate more leads and increase revenue

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Sales Pages

Sales pages are continuously improved upon to constantly increase the conversion rate of email collection

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Pop-ups are designed and perfectly matched with instore offers to maximise customer engagement 

Thank you Pages

Once email addresses are collected Thank you pages are designed to maximise data collection

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eShot templates

eShot templates are constantly designed to build a collection of ready-to-use seasonal templates moving forward

monthly competition

Monthly Competitions

Competitions are designed and promoted to reward and increase customer loyalty while collecting further customer data

Seasonal Sidebar Widgets

Sidebar data collecting widgets are updated to match seasonal and instore offers

"My first Email Marketing project took my enquiries from 4 to almost 30 in 2 months! The difference in my enquiry reply from what I had to what Paul designed is night and day and would make any photographer proud to have his/her work displayed so beautifully within the reply."

Ted Murphy, Photographer

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