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Email Marketing Lists
& Social Media presence all at an affordable price.

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My name is Paul Feeney and I specialise in closed-loop marketing systems and brand management specifically designed for the online needs of Cafes, Bars & Restaurants.



Monthly Brand Management
for Cafes

Each month I strengthen your Cafes brand, grow its online presence, increase its subscriber list and continuously grow its target audience via Social Media and Facebook ad campaigns.

I achieve this by correctly utilising and linking each of the services below:

  • Content Writing
  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • Email Capture Software
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Inhouse Marketing Graphics
  • Print Discounts

  • Constant Brand Improvement
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Monthly Landing Page Designs
  • Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • Monthly Breakdowns & Reports
  • Constant Customer Support & Analysis


I Build & Perfect
Your Cafe’s Brand

50% Coffee, 50% Connection

A cafes success no longer hinders completely on the standard of its coffee or sandwiches. Cafes have become so much more than the services they offer.

Cafes are where people relax, work, meet friends, take lunch or take five. They have become important places within communities often showcasing art, music or theatre.

How a cafe positions itself in the marketplace and connects with its demographic is now paramount to its success.

I will constantly analyse, build upon, design and perfect your Cafes brand,
ensuring it connects and cements relationships with its customers.

monthly marketing for cafes

Let’s Get Started

I Build & Maintain
Your Cafe’s Website

Load Speed is Everything

Over 80% of cafe enquiries come from smartphones.
This number increases to 94% when it comes to tourists.

As much as technology in this field has excelled, internet speed has not. Ireland’s 4G will remain in place for some time. This results in most websites taking over 8 seconds to load. This may not seem like a long time, but statistics prove again and again if a site does not load in 3/4 seconds over 50% of viewers will leave.

As well as load time, a cafes website needs to be extremely mobile friendly and responsive. This means it must adapt to every device now and in the near future (Smartphones and tablets are commonplace, but TV’s, watches, glasses and more are fast approaching)

My cafe websites are built specifically for mobiles loading 8X times faster than average websites. All elements are fully optimised and SEO friendly. This ensures maximum viewability, scroll-ability, shareability and interactivity in relation to the viewer and your cafe’s online content.

When it comes to Cafes, customers are much more picky with regards how a site works and loads. They want to know about offers, specials of the day, opening times, what is for lunch and more and they want to know it there and then.

The effectiveness of how your website presents this information to the viewer via their smartphones is paramount to the viewer deciding to choose your cafe in that moment.

mobile friendly websites specifically designed for cafes

Yes, I Want to Grow my Cafe

I Grow Your Cafe’s
Subscriber Lists

Reward Loyal Customers with Email Marketing

Every cafe has customers who love their cafe. Loyal customers who like what you do and how you do it. Customers such as these have the power to single-handedly improve a cafes bottom line as no selling strategy has more impact than a great referral.

Not every will sign up to a cafe’s newsletter, but you can rest assured, the ones who do are loyal customers whom you have already won over.

Informing, enticing and rewarding these specific customers has endless benefits to your cafes brand, business and bottom line. Informing your 20 best customers about an event you are hosting or a new special offer you are promoting can have more impact on sales than many other forms of marketing. Plus it is far more cost-effective.

Each month I discuss, write, design, monitor and send an eShot
to your evergrowing list of cafe subscribers.

email marketing campaigns for cafes dublin

Yes, I Want to Grow My Cafes Email Lists

I Grow Your Cafe’s
Organic Traffic

Monthly SEO articles are added to your site to promote specific services and connect your cafe with new customers

No other form of marketing has the ability to skyrocket a cafe’s sales
more than organic traffic.

Most cafes spend their time on social media, however, nothing in any industry, no matter the business is more powerful than a ‘potential’ customer searching for the service you offer and your business appearing on top of Google.

(ie) ‘Best cafe in Galway’, ‘best pastries in Dublin’ or ‘Best breakfast in Cork’

Ranking number 1 in Google for specific searches can only be achieved through SEO content creation.

Each month 3 SEO keyword specific articles related to your cafe’s unique selling points and geographical location are added to your site, shared with your email lists and posted to your social audience.

email marketing campaigns for cafes dublin

Yes, I Want to Increase my Cafes Ranking in Google

I Manage & Grow
Your Cafe’s Social Media

A cafe’s Social media must be a perfect balance of
informing, entertaining and selling

With a cafes connection to its customers being vital to its success, nowhere can this connection be established, grown and cemented more than with social media
– particularly Facebook.

facebook statistics for ireland

For most businesses products and services stay the same.
If cafes stay the same, they suffer.

Cafes today need to be constantly revamping whether it be small constant changes like promoting new menu items and daily specials or larger changes like weekly events and seasonal themes.

Nowhere can a cafe promote what it is doing, converse with its customers and share spur of the moment deals better than with Facebook and social media in general.

To establish and grow this base of followers a cafe must strike a perfect balance between engaging posts (not selling) and promotion (selling). This is where most cafes struggle as establishing this balance is time-consuming.

Each month we will discuss and strategise what will be promoted. I then design, write and post tailored artwork designed to not only promote said services but engage, entertain and expand your cafes social reach.

facebook management for cafes

Yes, I Want to Expand My Social Media Reach


As a Businessman to the Rescue client,
your Cafe gets it ALL


Keyword Analysis of Industry

Brand and customer demographic analysed and focused with fresh artwork across site and social media channels.

Responsive Web Design

A high converting responsive website 8x faster than average.

State of the Art Email Capturing Software

Inbuilt email capturing software to build your customer email lists faster.

Social Media Management

Daily posts, as well as unique SEO content shared across Social Media outlets.

Landing Pages

Web pages specifically designed for capturing customer information and increasing sales.

Monthly SEO Blogging

Unique, keyword rich content researched, written and added to your blog each month increasing your Google ranking.


Brand Management & Marketing Add-Ons

Whatever your Industry, size or budget

Customise your Perfect Brand Management Plan

small business brand management packages cork


Still the number one way for a business to skyrocket in sales is through blogging. When customers search for services you offer (ie) “business cards cork” and your business appears number 1 on Google, this results in a never-ending stream of enquiries and sales.

This incredible leap in growth can only be achieved through SEO blogging and nothing else.


Each month we discuss what areas of your business we need to push and grow. I write, design, send and monitor designed eShots sent to your ever growing subscriber lists.

Email marketing is still the number 1 way to develop sales from existing clients.


At the heart of every business should be a well designed and well branded website. And like any business, a website cannot remain static or it will become stagnant and fall by the wayside.

A great website must grow and develop as a company does. Every new service, product, idea and marketing campaign must be funnelled through a mobile friendly website which is constantly capturing traffic, subscribers and expanding a businesses brand 24/7, 365.


As a Businessman to the Rescue client, I constantly make sure my client’s websites are secure, safe and up to date. Not keeping websites up to date in today’s online business world opens websites to hacks and worse.

My own website was hacked and cost me €1000’s to recover.


There’s posting items on a Facebook page daily and then there is professional Facebook Management. Through constant analysis backed up with years of experience in marketing, I offer the latter.

The access to customer data Facebook offers makes it by far the most powerful of social mediums. Knowing how to utilise this power can expand a local business’ reach further than any other form of marketing.


Each month I strategise, write, design, implement and monitor a Facebook Ad Campaign for your company. What will be targeted and how will be discussed beforehand.

The results of the Ad campaign is then broken down and analysed at the end of each month in your monthly report.


Designing a website for perfect SEO takes weeks of work. It the most important element for any website (and business) but is mostly skipped or approached in a basic manner due to budget constraints at the time of website development.

Once a client, I am constantly in your website, writing, adding, updating, designing, tweaking and improving your brand image, visuals, copy writing, headings, sales pages and of course SEO. This constant improvement leads to a solid website perfectly designed for SEO.


What good is a website if it doesn’t capture email subscribers or increase sales? The number 1 way to increase sales via a website is through ‘sales pages’. Squeeze pages, funnelled pages or sales pages are simply pages on your website designed specifically for selling one of your services.

Once a ‘Sales Page’ is designed for one of your services, I move on to creating, writing and designing another sales page. This process continues until I have designed, customer converting web pages for every service you offer.


At the end of every month you receive a breakdown of what elements of your business have been worked on; what tools and/or strategies have been implemented, what progress has been made (increase in traffic, subscribers, followers etc) and what can be improved.

We discuss what should be focused on and I continue my work, implementing accumulative digital marketing strategies on top of the previous month.


The contract is set at a minimum of 5 months due to the sheer volume of work it takes to correctly design, implement and strategise the online marketing strategy of any business.

To see traction in organic traffic, email subscribers and social media takes time and should be approached as such.

Question? Call me on 021 234 0063.

brand management packages and pricing

brand management upgrade

Marketing Budget
Setting aside a small marketing budget each month is important to quickly grow what is working.
seo backlink packageSEO BACKLINK PACKAGE: (One-Off)
Increase your online presence with high quality backlinks

pinterest management for small businessesPINTEREST MANAGEMENT:
Does your business sell a premium product to a mainly female demographic? With the highest ROI you need to begin building your presence on the highest converting sales platform for your business – Pinterest.
instagram management for small businessesINSTAGRAM MANAGEMENT:
Restaurants, retail, fashion, architecture, designers. Offer something visual? Use instagram to build a bond with a youthful audience.
twitter management for small businessesTWITTER MANAGEMENT:
Tech companies, personal brands, musicians, sports companies and Saas companies.
google plus management for small businessesGOOGLE+ MANAGEMENT:
Google+ is a juggernaut in cementing local SEO.
snap chat event marketing cork irelandSNAP CHAT MARKETING:
The now number 1 used App in Ireland Snap Chat has exploded with potential for story telling and event marketing.
guest post writing services corkGUEST POSTING
Expand your online presence even further with viral orientated guest posts driving traffic and customers to your business website.


* The above packages are structural guidelines only. Every business is different and so every plan is different. Each month I implement the best strategies to grow your business. This could be anything from whitepapers to video marketing, Google Adwords to developing case studies. I will choose the best strategy to implement based on the constant research and analysis of your business’ development.



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